A Little Bit About Puzzles

A Little Bit About Puzzles

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A little bit about puzzles..

The game “Puzzle” is one of the most affordable toys that develop logical thinking, attention, memory and imagination. Puzzles are very useful for the development of thinking and cognitive abilities. According to psychologists, the game “Puzzle” promotes the development of imaginative and logical thinking, voluntary attention, perception, and particularly distinguishing individual items by color, shape, size and etc. It also teaches to perceive the relationship between part and whole and develops fine motor skills.

Here is a Duck puzzle for you to play with. It consists of 4 different color squares with a picture inside. The child needs to figure out which color goes with which and stuck the correct squares on to the proper color base.


Download and save all three parts of the puzzle on a colored printer on a A4 paper format. Cut out the pieces with scissors or any other cutting tool of your choice. The game is now ready for you and your child to play.

(Suggestion) You can laminate the pieces for a longer use.



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