10 Best Natural Resources for Arts & Crafts

10 Best Natural Resources for Arts & Crafts

10 Best Natural Resources for Arts & Crafts 1920 700 Bambinis

Being crafty means constantly having craft supplies at hand which can become quiet costly. Crafting for over a decade thought me some valuable lessons. Craft supplies don’t necessarily need to be bought, they can be made or picked up right in your backyard or nearby park.

Natural resources are the best craft supplies you can find! They are free and unlimited.

Here is a list of my favorite and absolutely best supplies the Nature can give you:

1. Leaves – so many fun crafts you can do with leaves and the best part, they are very easy to find and accessible to almost everyone. Here’s one of my favorite – painting on leaves.

2. Pine cones – can be used not only for winter crafts but all year round. They can also become a great home decor. They are much harder to find but when found can be preserved and used all year round.

3. Sea shells – one of my most favorite nature creations. Every summer me and the kids walk around the beach collecting sea shells. By end of summer we have buckets and buckets of beautiful shells of different sizes. We’ve painted, glued, made jewelry and many other fun crafts with them.

4. Stones – they are everywhere, just collect and craft away. Making silly rock monsters was one of the fun projects we did.

5. Acorns – not an easy find but you can do many interesting projects.

6. Sticks – pretty much the simplest of all natural resources and an easy find.

7. Flowers – most beautiful and long lasting resource, depending on the craft you do. From simple arrangements to creating perfumes, there’s a big variety of projects you can do with flowers. Learn how to create toy flower arrangements by taking a class here.

8. Feathers – we’ve created dream catchers using feathers for every bedroom in the house. Colorful feather can be used in simple crafts and in complicated beautiful flower arrangements.

9. Seeds – can be used to create beautiful mosaics and mandalas.

10. Snow – it’s your canvas! You can paint anything you want on it using homemade paint. You can also sculpt it and create beautiful statues.

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