How to Make a Yarn Doll

How to Make a Yarn Doll

How to Make a Yarn Doll 592 599 Bambinis
Who doesn’t remember making yarn dolls? I used to love making those from different colors of yarn and then play with them. These dolls are such classics that I couldn’t not share it with you. Run to the nearest craft store and let the fun begins!
629px-Yarndoll1 Materials:

•A piece of a cardboard (The size of the book/cardboard determines the size of the doll you will make; select a size that is approximately the same size as the finished product you’d like)
•Choice of decorations (google eyes, contrasting yarn, ribbon, beads, etc.)

1.Begin by taping or simply holding an end of the yarn at the bottom of your wrapping board. Loop the yarn loosely around the board lengthwise.2.Keep wrapping the yarn around the board. On the last wrap, end the yarn at the bottom of the board.Note:
• The more times you wrap, the thicker the doll will be. (try with 100 times).

626px-Yarndoll4 • The thickness of the yarn used determines the fullness of the doll.
• How tall you make your dolls will determine how many times you wrap the body. If you want to make yours doll larger or smaller, experiment until you find satisfying proportions. Depending on size, you’ll usually need 80 to 200 wraps.
• Do not stretch the yarn while you are wrapping. When you remove the yarn from the cardboard, it will “shrink” and resume its un-stretched state.
629px-Yarndoll5 3. Carefully slip a piece of yarn (around 10″ long) under the yarn at the top of the board; tie it in a tight knot. Slip the tied yarn off of the board. At times it is easier to slide the yarn (while holding it tightly) off of the board. Tie it when it comes off the board.
629px-Yarndoll6 HEAD
Siding down tightly–tie another piece of string about an inch or more down (depending on length of doll) below the top knot to create a tight, round head.
629px-Yarndoll7 629px-Yarndoll8ARMS
Pull out a few loops on each side the be the doll’s arms. In the middle section of yarn, tie a string tightly where you’d like her/his waist to be. Tie the arms at the “wrists” and trim the looped yarn ends.
629px-Yarndoll9 BOTTOM HALF OF DOLL…Evenly clip the loops at the bottom of the doll.

If you want a girl-you now have a ‘skirt’. If you want a boy–split the skirt in the center into 2 parts from the waist down. Tie them off as you did the arms. If legs are long enough, you could also braid them.

494px-Yarndoll10 592px-Yarndoll11
You can decorate as desired. For a different look, braid the arms and legs before tying them off. You can also give girl doll hair. To make a hair wrap yarn around a width of two fingers. Slide it off the fingers, tie in the center, then tie at the top of the head. Snip the loops!
Try some embellishments like ribbon or using two colors of yarn successively.

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