How to Make a Homemade Lemonade

How to Make a Homemade Lemonade

How to Make a Homemade Lemonade 900 720 Bambinis

lemonadeIt’s a hot summer day with the sun shining overhead and just a hint of a slight breeze. A cold, icy glass of lemonade would go down smoothly and quench your thirst, wouldn’t it? When you think of lemonade, it is likely the lemonade recipe with freshly squeezed lemons, sugar, water and ice. After all, those are the classic ingredients that rarely deviate from one traditional lemonade recipe to another.

While it is true that most recipes incorporate those four basic ingredients, there are some that add a little bit of something extra. It is those extras that have really caught on in the world of lemonade. In order to understand those extras, you have to grasp the basic lemonade recipe that many people around the world know and love.

This lemonade is quick and easy and refreshing on a hot summer day. Pour a large pitcher and garnish with fresh raspberries, cranberries or slices of lemon.

10 lemons
3 cups water
2 cups sugar
4 cups crushed ice

Cut 1/2 OF ONE LEMON into thin slices and set aside. Juice a(Squeeze) the remaining 9 1/2 lemons and pour into a glass pitcher or punch bowl. Stir in the water and sugar until dissolved. Pour in the crushed ice and float the lemon slices on top.
About 6 glasses
Note: You could also use a ‘lemonade mix’ to make lemonade.

Twists on the Lemonade Recipe

These days you can buy lemonade in a can or bottle and often times, flavored lemonades are available as well. You can make your own homemade flavored lemonade using the traditional lemonade recipe above and adding fruit syrup like raspberry, strawberry or any other type of flavor.

In some countries like Brazil, a little bit of condensed milk is added to the lemonade recipe to create a creamier, more substantial drink. In India, there is a special spice called jaljira powder that is added to a recipe to create spiced lemonade. In some countries like England and Australia, lemonade refers to a carbonated lemon-flavored drink.

The United States also has a lemonade recipe which is a blush, pink color called pink lemonade. In this case, some people just add some red food coloring to create this look; however, in other instances, a little grenadine is added for both a slightly different flavor as well as the pink color. Grenadine is a fruit syrup made from a variety of fruits like pomegranate, raspberry or red currant.

All in all, your taste buds should decide which lemonade recipe or variation thereof, you should try. There are quite a few interesting combinations to choose from such as lavender lemonade, watermelon lemonade and even mint lemonade. The best resource to find your favorite lemonade recipe is the internet; just be prepared to weed through countless appealing variations.

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