Top 10 Best Art Supplies For Kids

Top 10 Best Art Supplies For Kids 1280 270 Bambinis

I bet all of you, dear readers, have a similar list of your absolutely 10 best art supplies you and your kids love. Here’s what I’ve collected, our all time favorite list of supplies.

1. Crayons – We can’t go a day without these. We do¬†simple drawing with it, coloring, school projects, making our own shape crayons and even homework! Crayons is the simplest form of art a child get used to since early age and keeps using them through out the years. You can never get old of crayons. Because of their shape (smaller then pencils and markers) it’s easy to bring them along on trips or just outings with family. They keep kids busy while food gets prepared in a restaurant or on a long car ride or even flight.

2. Markers – My absolute favorite art media! I’d say its a bit more advanced than crayons and isn’t suitable for very small children. First of all, they stain (yes, there are washable markers, but still), you don’t want your child sitting in a public place all colored in different color markers. Also, because they have caps, it’s very easily misplaced since kids forget to put caps back on. Yet, this art media is great. It’s very easy to color, no need to press hard. There are tons of different kids of markers out there these days.

3. Pencils – We are all a bit too young to remember what it was like when kids in school only used ink but nonetheless it’s very easy to imagine. It’s a mess! I can’t imagine my kindergartener using ink to do his homework! I wouldn’t have enough whiteout, which by the way didn’t exist back in the days. So, I’d say pencils are very important tool for kids. Whether it’s a simple #2 or colored pencil, they are a must!

4. Easel – Easel helps your little artist to see the whole picture while working on it. Standing few steps away and glancing at your masterpiece is much easier then looking at your work flat on the table. Since easels come in different sizes it’s very easy to find one that will suit your child’s height.

5. Paint – Due to variety of different types paint and techniques, there are so many interesting projects you can do with your kids. You can paint on a canvas, on glass, on wood, on stones, on sea shells and even on snow! Making your own paint is also a very fun activity.

6. Glitter – Fun, fun, fun! Anything glitter is fun!

7. Paper – Paper is the simplest supply to use for arts and crafts. Even if you don’t have any other supplies on hand you can do fun project out of paper such as origami.

8. Brushes

9. Chalk

10. Palette – And last but not least is palette. Any artist big or small likes to experiment with colors. The easiest way to mix and create your colors is with the use of palette.

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