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riddlesRiddles never cease to amuse people. Solving riddles are not only fun but it’s a great learning tool. Children riddles provide an opportunity to enjoy, and sharpen the wits and tap the creativity in your child. Most of the children riddles are brain teasers that encourage them to think out of the box, widen their perspective, and learn new ways to look at world. Children riddles help parents and teachers to brighten up and make more fun studying with kids. Riddles help kids to become more aware and more interested in the language they speak. They also increase the number of words kids learn on daily basis. Through riddles kids also get familiar with the grammar and learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Here is a collection of a few riddles to start. Read them to your child and let them guess the answer.


It has seven letters,
It proceeded God,
All poor people have it,
And all rich people need it.

Answer: Nothing

Two bodies I have
Though both joined in one
The more still I stand
The quicker I run.
What am I?

Answer: An hourglass

I can run, but never walk,
Often a murmur, never talk,
I have a bed but never sleep,
I have a mouth but never eat.
What am I?

Answer: A river

If a man carried my burden,
He would break his back.
I am not rich,
But leave silver in my track.
What am I?

Answer: A snail (he carries his house on his back)

No sooner spoken than broken.
What is it?

Answer: Silence

What belongs to you,
but is used more by others?

Answer: Your name

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