Mandalas for Kids

Mandalas for Kids

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A mandala is a repetitive design within a circle. It is the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle.” Native American, Hindu, and Buddhist Tantric practices have use Mandalas for thousands of years to express illuminated states of consciousness and for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Kids Mandalas is more than a coloring book!

Filling in mandalas with your choice of colors is a great way to take a break from everything that’s happening in your day and to just relax.

There are many cool kaleidoscopic designs to choose from, including stars bursting from within larger stars and a bird flying toward the center of a circle. Some of the mandalas look like mazes others like spider webs. You’ll enjoy coloring them in for hours!

We often forget that children need a way to relieve stress, too. Coloring mandalas is the perfect way to help them relax and focus, while also fostering a love of art.
It can be a tool for meditation, therapy, or simply an activity to while away the time.

Through their free-flowing arrangements mandalas have a calming effect upon even the most rambunctious child. An after the mandala is completed, the finished work becomes an instrument for further reflection. It’s an ideal way to combine a love of coloring with some much-needed quiet time in our hectic world.


Save the files on you computer and print them on a hard stock paper preferably. Let the kids enjoy coloring mandalas using crayons, pencils or paint. Enjoy!

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