What To Make Out Of Paint Chips (Paint Swatch Book)?

What To Make Out Of Paint Chips (Paint Swatch Book)?

What To Make Out Of Paint Chips (Paint Swatch Book)? 3264 2304 Bambinis

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Having just finished renovations in the house have it’s advantages besides the obvious. We have a whole paint swatch book left in our possession. Among other creative craft projects, paint chips have become one of the favorite. The variety of bright colors on a hard stock makes a great media for many interesting projects. There’s tons of fun things you can do. Today, we decided to combine some household items and create something unique. We made a fish, a chameleon, a butterfly and a flower.

To make those we used:

photo 1(18)
Paint chips
Wooden Clothes Pins
Googly Eyes


Draw wings, feet, petals, leafs and other paper embellishments on the pain chips of desired color. Cut them out and attach to clothes pins. For the fish, we used 2 pins but opening each one and gluing them sideways.
Use glue to secure all the paper parts to the pins. Use any media to color the animals. We used markers. Attach googly eyes to chameleon when you are done coloring.

paint chip fish

paint chip chameleon

paint chip flower

paint chip butterfly

This is a very simple projects that can be done without adult supervision. And if you enjoyed this tutorial, stay tuned for new ones using paint chips. Coming soon!

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