15 Lego Movie Birthday Party Ideas

15 Lego Movie Birthday Party Ideas

15 Lego Movie Birthday Party Ideas 1634 962 Bambinis

lego movie party ideas

My kids (and I’m sure yours as well) have been obsessing about the Lego Movie that just came out. So I decided why not to make their birthday party this year Lego Movie themed. The party is still so many months away but I’ve gathered together some of the party ideas that can make this birthday memorable and fun. Many of the items on my list are tutorials on how to make these party ideas yourself. Feel free to look over the pictures and links.

1. Lego Movie Masks – Download this awesome lego movie masks for your kids to wear at the party (Credit: Kockamania)

lego masks

2. Lego Movie Invite – You can totally make these invites yourself and give out to your kids friends to attend the party. All you need is a stash of Lego bricks, Lego board and a sharpie. You can assemble it in any way you like and write your invite on the bricks. (Credit: Catchmyparty)

lego invite

3. Lego Cake Pops – Make these lego cake pops ahead of time to serve at the party (Credit: 1finecookie)

lego cake pops

4. Lego Cake – An easy tutorial on how to make a lego cake if you don’t feel like splurging on a professionally made cake. (Credit: Craftyc0rn3r)

lego cake

5. Pinata – This cool pinata will sure be a hit at the party. (Credit: Etsy)

lego pinata

6. Lego Movie T Shirt – Another great item you can pick up on Etsy that will make your party stand out. (Credit: Etsy)

lego t shirt

7. Bracelets – These bracelets is be a perfect party gift for your guest. Girls and boy will love these bracelets that they can keep wearing after the party is over. If you don’t feel like buying these and really want to make them special than just make them! It will require 1×1 Lego bricks, an electric drill (to make holes in Legos with a help of an adult) and a string to put them together. (Credit: Etsy)

lego bracelets

8. Rings – Make these adorable rings ahead for a perfect party gift. You will need a strong glue, loose Lego bricks and ring blanks. (Credit: Whimsy-love )

lego rings

9. Necklaces – A great tutorial for these colorful necklaces. I definitely love these for a party gift for the guests. (Credit: Chezbeeperbebe)

Lego Necklaces

10. Lego Crayons – Another great idea for party gifts. They are very easy to make at home. All you need is bunch of crayons and a Lego mold. (Credit:  Craftyc0rn3r)

lego crayons

11. Lego Letters Decor – This can be a very nice touch to the party. A great party decoration idea. (Credit: Markkendall)

lego letters

12. Lego Utensils Holders – The kids can help you make these simple and fun party decor utensils holders. (Credit: Catchmyparty)

lego untensils holder

13. Lego Food Containers – A must DIY for any lego movie themed party. (Credit: Obseussed)

lego food containers

14. Lego Gift Boxes – These printable boxes will be a great party bag alternative. Kids will love it. (Credit: Linesacross)

lego gift box

15. Party Banner and printables – there are tons of lego movie themed party banners and printables on the internet that can make your lego party even more fun. Simple themed party banners will set the right mood for your party and make it that much more memorable.

lego party banner


LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace

legomovie cloud castle

Ultimate Sticker Collection: The LEGO Movie

legomovie sticker book

The Lego Movie Cotton Rich 3 Piece Sheet Set

legomovie sheet set

The Lego Movie Metalbeard’s Sea Cow Pirate Ship

legomovie pirate ship

Lego Kids’ 9009976 “Emmet” Mini-Figure Link Watch

legomovie watch

The LEGO Movie Collectible Minifigures: Complete Set of 16 Figures

legomovie figurine set

The LEGO Movie Videogame – Xbox 360 Standard Edition

legomovie xbox game

If you are looking for more party idea inspirations, check out my other articles.

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