Salt + Glue + Watercolors = Art

Salt + Glue + Watercolors = Art

Salt + Glue + Watercolors = Art 1634 962 Bambinis

One hot summer day, when it was practically impossible to stay outside, we sat down with the kids to do this simple and fun art activity. Salt and watercolors is another form of art which seemed to be a hit with my 4 and 7 (at that time) year olds. When I started to explain what we are going to do, kids were a bit surprised as to how can we paint salt?? But as we began, everything became clear. It was fun, simple but a bit messy.


School Glue
Watercolors (if you don’t have any, learn how to make it at home)
Watercolor paper (or any hard stock paper)


1. If you want to draw a picture like we did then start with a pencil and draw whatever you like. If you just want an abstract painting which if you ask me looks so much better with this art activity, then just skip this step and go to step 2. Since my kids were obsessed with Turbo, I helped them draw turbos.

2. Once your drawing is done, begin tracing it with the glue, squeezing it right from the bottle. If you are just doing an abstract painting then just squeeze the glue on the paper in any way you like.

3. Then, sprinkle salt generously on top of the glue design. Make sure it covers all the glue.

salt and watercolor painting

4. Let the salt dry a bit. Then, just dump the excess salt of the paper by tipping the paper a bit.

salt and watercolor painting

5. This is the fun part. Take your paint brush and watercolors and just paint gently on top of the salt + glue lines, picking up different colors as you go along. The color will travel along the salty passage of your design. Kids will enjoy it, I promise!

salt and watercolor painting

6. Let the pictures dry and enjoy your creations. We framed our pictures and it now hangs in my kid’s room.

recycled toys frame

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