Crayons – #1 On My Art Supplies List

Crayons – #1 On My Art Supplies List

Crayons – #1 On My Art Supplies List 842 424 Bambinis

Just like probably all of you, dear readers, we have a list of our absolute favorite art supplies. This stuff we use over and over and can’t imagine what we’d do without them. Our #1 – Crayons!

CRAYONS – We can’t go a day without these. We do  simple drawing with it, coloring, school projects, making our own shape crayons and even homework! Crayons is the simplest form of art a child get used to since early age and keeps using them through out the years. You can never get old of crayons. Because of their shape (smaller then pencils and markers) it’s easy to bring them along on trips or just outings with family. They keep kids busy while food gets prepared in a restaurant or on a long car ride or even flight.

100daycrayonsThis year, for my younger son, we decided to make “100 day of school project” with crayons. We bought this big box of 200 crayons. We didn’t use them all of course, but kept the box and put all the other crayons we had into the box. Now we have a full box of crayons that will probably last us another year. You can also purchase a  Crayon Tower Holder which holds up to 150 crayons and has a sharpener. Did you know there are Glitter Crayons? And Metallic Crayons? We don’t have either ones yet but they should be a fun addition to the our list.

melting crayons

Another fun project that me and my older son did was melting crayons into the shapes we wanted. We didn’t have any molds around the house except the skulls and bones ice tray but it seem to work just fine. It solved two purposes: getting rid of broken crayons and making a fun craft while my son is home sick. This project, of course involved an adult (me) and a child (my son). My son did the unwrapping of the crayons and braking them into pieces and I was in charge of the oven related part of the project. You can read more on this fun tutorial here.

There are tons of other awesome projects you can do with crayons. Possibilities are endless. Stay tune, as I post more on this blog.

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