55+ Things to Do with Kids at Home

55+ Things to Do with Kids at Home

55+ Things to Do with Kids at Home 842 424 Bambinis

If you are like me, constantly searching for ideas on having fun with kids or perhaps you are simply stuck home on a rainy (or snowy) weekend, this post is for you. I’ve listed 55+ fun activities you can do with kids indoor.

cat 61. Learn to make playdough animals.

2. Create paper masks and play a dress up.

3. Read a book out loud and share ideas after.

4. Learn to play a musical instrument (piano, guitar, etc.).

5. Make holiday cards for upcoming holidays.

6. Draw a story. Think of characters for your story and the plot and draw it.

7. Play word games.

seashellspopular8. Paint on seashells or rocks you have collected during beach days.

9. Make a personalized Christmas ornament.

10. Pick a country and learn everything about it.

11. Memorize a poem.

12. Create your own decorated envelopes.

13. Make origami guessing game.

14. Learn a few martial arts moves from searching online.

mandala for kids15. Print out mandalas for kids and enjoy coloring using any kind of art materials you can find at home.

16. Make wish boards.

17. Rearrange your room (ask your parents/older siblings for help)

18. Decorate your walls with your art projects or paintings.

19. Grow crystals.

20. Create art with pipe cleaners or fuzzy sticks.

21. Create house decorations for upcoming holiday.

22. Gather ideas and information on the theme for your next birthday party.

23. Make lollipops

24. Make cardboard castles/houses/forts.

25. Make clothes using paper, scissors and scotch tape.

26. Make clothes for your dolls using your own clothes you no longer need/wear.

27. Build forts out of chairs, blankets and other home items.

appl128. Make collages.

29. Learn to make kirigami.

30. Learn paper quilling.

31. Make yarn dolls.

32. Learn about a planet of your choice.

33. Making bowling pins out of recycled plastic bottles. Decorate them. Play bowling.

34. Make Rainbow loom bracelets, necklaces, rings.

35. Play sock races using pillow cases.

36. Create characters or sculptures from wooden cloth pins.

37. Watch an educational Discovery or National Geographic channel show and discuss with your kids.

38. Learn to knit or crochet.

39. Make flowers out of ribbons and give to your mom, grandma, sister, teacher.

40. Make little houses or sculptures out of matches.

yarn_doll_plain41. Learn about a holiday you don’t celebrate.

42. Make a whole city out of paper bags.

43. Make snow globes.

44. Make magical wands with sticks and paint (glitter) and play fairies, witches and wizards.

45. Mason jar DIYs.

46. With a help of a parent, create personal calendars with your photos to give on New Years.

47. Decorate your food. Use cookie cutters to create bread, fruits or veggie in the shapes you desire.

48.¬†Play “City” word game.

49. Learn to play checkers, chess, backgammon.

50. Play “Ocean Flit” game on a piece of paper.

51. Learn how to use computer.

lego_pile52. Write handwritten letters to your friends or family members that live far and mail them.

53. Make homemade paint.

54. Make sensory bins for your young siblings.

55. Create unique things from Lego

56. Learn to dance.

If you are still looking for ideas on how to entertain kids at home, check out my other article and find 100 MORE THINGS to do indoors with kids.

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