How to Make Playdough Animals – Bunny Rabbit

How to Make Playdough Animals – Bunny Rabbit

How to Make Playdough Animals – Bunny Rabbit 838 462 Bambinis

playdough bunniesToday we are going to learn how to make playdough Bunny Rabbit. The instructions are very simple and shouldn’t be a problem for a child or an adult. You will need a few colors of playdough: light pink, dark pink, white, blue, black – for the bunny and orange, yellow and green for veggies.

If you don’t have certain colors on hand you can combine existing colors and make new one. For example, you can make pink combining red and white. If you need light blue, you can combine navy blue and white. You can also make different variations of green
(for the leaves) but mixing green and white.

1. Head and Ears:

– Roll two white pieces of playdough into small balls and one bigger ball;

– Roll two small balls into long rolls with spindly little pointed ends and shape the bigger ball into an egg shape ( head) ;

– Flatten two spindle rollers ( ears );

– Stick the rabbit ears to the head and give them a nice shape .

playdough bunny

2. Nose, Cheeks and Teeth:

– Roll up one small dark pink ball (nose ), two light pink balls slightly larger ( cheeks ) and two very small white balls ( teeth );

– Fasten the cheeks so that they touch each other. Put the nose on top of them. Teeth should be on the bottom ;

– Attach the cheeks, teeth and nose to the face of the bunny.


3. Eyes and Eyebrows:

– Roll up two very small blue balls (eyebrows ), two small blue balls ( eyelids), two white ball a bit bigger in size ( eyes ) and two tiny black beads (pupils );

– Shape all the blue balls into rolls. Shape rabbit’s eyes – attach two tiny black pupils to the middle of each eye;

– Gently bend the smallest blue rollers and give them the shape of eyebrows. From the remaining blue beads make flat tortillas ( eyelids) .

– Attach the eyebrows to the top of the bunny’s face, stick the eyes between the eyebrows and nose. On top on the edges stick blue eyeslids.

playdough bunny

4. Body:

– Roll up one pink ball the size of a pea and one big white ball;

– Roll pink ball into a tapered roller. Make a roller out of the white ball and give it an egg shape (body );

– Shape the roller into flat conical shape ( breast ), and slide half a toothpick into the upper end of the body;

– Attach a pink breast to white bunny’s torso. Place the rabbit head on a toothpick and attach it to the body.

playdough bunny

5. Paws and Tail:

– Roll the four white and one pink ball ( tail );

– Roll two white balls into long rolls ( front legs ), and out of the remaining two balls make rollers slightly shorter and denser ( rear legs );

– Carefully fold the front legs and turn in hands ” palms “. Slightly flatten rear legs and make two cuts ( “fingers” ) at the end of each of them to;

– Attach the body to the rear legs of the bunny. Stick the front legs to the top sides of the torso. The tail should be placed on the back.


6. Veggies for Bunny:
Make the veggies of your choice using the techniques above.

bunny veggies

If you want to learn how to build other playdough animals, click here.

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