Homemade Colorful Bubble Wands

Homemade Colorful Bubble Wands

Homemade Colorful Bubble Wands 854 430 Bambinis

The summer is approaching quickly and we spend more and more time outdoors. Being outdoors means a lot of outdoor activities needed to keep kids entertained. Soap bubbles is one of my kids’ favorite outdoor thing to do. Forget it, we even do it indoors! In the bath! 🙂 I wrote an article on how to make Homemade Soap Bubble Solution some time ago, so here’s a fun tutorial on how to create colorful bubble wands. This is an easy craft for little kids but older ones will enjoy it too.

diy bubble wands


Pipe cleaners

bambinis bubble wands


1. Pick which colors you want your bubble wands to be. We picked purple, yellow and orange.

2. Now think of a shape for your wand. We made circle, heart and triangle.

3. Take one pipe cleaner and make a chosen shape on the tip. If you have shaped cookie cutters, you can use them as your guide, wrapping around it.

4. Once you created your shape, twist the end of the pipe cleaner around the longer part – stem.

bambinis bubble wands

5. Next step is to choose your embellishments. We used beads to created color patterns for each bubble wand.

6. Begin adding beads onto the wand until the end.

bambinis bubble wands

7. After you are done adding beads, leave a small piece and band it under the last bead, so that the sharp end is inside the last bead.

bambinis bubble wands

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