Fun Printable Coloring Masks

Fun Printable Coloring Masks

Fun Printable Coloring Masks 800 600 Bambinis

Here are more fun masks for kids to play with. These masks are ready to be printed and colored. Choose any media for coloring and have fun while making them as well!


Print out your masks using a white card stock and color using crayons, colored pencils, markers or paint (I prefer acrylic, it’s much brighter and thicker).  Use any media you like. Using scissors, cut out eye holes to fit face appropriately. If possible, use heavier card stock paper. Or, you can print, cut out eye holes and glue mask onto a heavier piece of paper or cardboard. Punch small holes marked at each side of the mask to attach an elastic string. Don’t forget to measure the string around your head before you cut it.


Click here for more fun printable masks!

mask-tigr mask-zebra
mask-frog mask-elephant
mask-bear mask-lion

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